Many magazines promote and publish the well known brands and faces. From television, to artist, to big brands. If businesses like ours wanted to get into those top magazines we'd have to pay thousands of dollars, if not know someone. IKD-MAG is an upscale digital magazine owned by I-Kandi Designs, an up and coming fashion company. We look for everyday people and businesses that want to make a difference and get their names out there without breaking the bank. We want to talk about those business owners and people that we don't know but would love to support. Those everyday people that are within our reach and we may see in passing or like a post on social media. Those everyday people just like us. We are bringing fashion to a new corporate level. Our magazine is Motivating, Inspiring but most of all offers business opportunities. We are excited to show you the birthing of our brands, A Royal Family Brand.

To advertise and get your business in our magazine see details below. We look forward to working with you while starting a new and exciting relationship!
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