Authors Corner

LaLa Moore

Mother, Wife, Author, Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer


Hello Everyone!

I’m excited about being able to introduce the other side of my talents to you all and thats “writing”. I love writing when i get the chance too. I first started writing Searching 4 the Right One in 2001 and it was published in 2002. I was super excited to be able to officially call myself a “Published Author”. That means a lot to be able to add that to your “Resume”. The novel is romance and based on growing up and making changes and realizing some of the things you’re trying to change, in fact don’t need changing at all. The book is selling on line however the *New Edition will be the best one, so I advise you to please wait for it!  Once release I will post  a script from the book on this page. So be on the look out and take a sneak peak and let me know your thoughts!


When I was young I began writing journals and just making up creative stories. I always liked romance movies and I consider myself to be a very romantic person. So of course one writes what they are. I decided that I wanted to enhance this hobby of mine when I surprised myself and completed a romance novel that was well over 300 pages long. When I began writing i had no intentions of actually getting it published. However, the more I thought about it and read it the more i figured why not give it a try. So I did and here I am. I enjoy making others laugh and some call me the “comedian” of the family but yet a “sweetheart”.


Once this book is released I will have a book Re-Release Party for Searching 4 the Right One as it will be under a different publishing company so the cover will change. But I will keep you all posted when that happens so you can help me celebrate! I have written 8 romance novels and cannot wait to introduce those to you all as well. So more to come! Stay Tuned!