This New Chapter of my life is called "LIVING HEALTHY". For me it is EVERYTHING. I'm not sure about you guys but COVID-19 has definitely added some unhealthy & UNWANTED body fat and bad routines to my life. That said, I turned 46 May 17th and THAT day started my New Chapter. So follow along on my journey with me and get inspired and motived while I get this GRIND back! To do so the first thing I am releasing is STRESS. You cannot get healthy with stress in your life. Stress makes you eat and makes you depressed and can also end your life. So for that reason ALONE I CHOOSE ME! I'm choosing to let go of all things that are stressful in my life and live a healthy life for my family, but most of all for ME. 

This journey starts with change, change in everything we do. From eating habits to fitness habits. I used to coach myself for bootcamp and a few women as well and I am definitely not certified, however, what I did worked for me VERY WELL. We all get distracted and off track and I am definitely guilty of that. However, getting back up and on your routine is all that matters. It's okay to get down at times just DON'T STAY THERE! Get back up and GET MOVING! Your body will THANK YOU.

I will be doing a YouTube Chanel called Living Healthy with LaLa so you can follow along with my journey. So good luck to everyone and let's live HEALTHY!

Let me know what you're doing to learn the new you. Share your success, tips, diet, workout plan and  stories, we'd love to hear them!

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Well I’m trying to get my body on the same page as my brain. My brain says you got this and my body say oh start next week. Lol But I thank you for this motivation to get it together and together we can all do it. So frfr next week on it. And the items you carry are all for me so if I want them to fit as designed I better get started. Pray for your girl. Love ya


So today is DAY2 for me on the 2020 Fitness Change as well as the BODY COMPLETE SYSTEM. I am adjusting and sticking to it. Right now I feel good and haven’t implemented a work out just yet as I want to get this in my system for at least 1 week before I add workouts to it. How are you all doing? What’s working for you? What’s not working for you? Any suggestions, recommendation or comments? Please join in on this forum. Hope to hear from everyone else soon! Thanks!

LaLa Moore

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